Being dragged through life?

All my childhood life I have been anxiously hoping – a very painful experience for the mind to go through.  As much as I had been hoping for physical circumstances to change, what did happen was a blessing of an incredible spiritual journey.

I understand the power of hope and I understand the power of not obtaining what one has been hoping for.  I understand how it can carry towards depression and robs one of spirit.  I understand how that relates to being delivered from evil or obtaining in your hand something good.

What do you do when dreams do not come true?  Depression fits most of our answers. There is a place though when you realize that what you need is going to come at the right time you need it – it has only been deferred until then. I read that the word deferred is meant to indicate to drag in Hebrew.  I know, when it matters, dragging and deferring is not going to make much difference.

Real life happens.  Challenges, life not being as easy as you thought and definitely not going the way you thought will beat up your hopes, dreams, aspirations and expectations.

Without hope, can I ask you not to get desperate to escape what seems like hopelessness. With hope you can endure anything, no matter how desperate or evil your circumstances.


Jesus is our hope.  The people of Israel, at each Passover, would put out an extra cup in hope that Elijah would come and announce the Messiah’s coming.  When He did not come they would put the cup away and wait another year.  Their journey was painful and if you know anything of history, it was another 2,000 years after the first Passover before Jesus came, sent by God to heal the heartsick nation and fulfill all their longings.

My prayer is that our hope will be realized soon enough.  When it comes it will bring life – comfort, an invigorated soul and a walk with God.

What happens when you just cannot hang on anymore – the reservoir of hope is empty and you seem to be running on fumes?  Of all my experiences and those who survived hopelessness – we all say the same thing – we whisper the name of Jesus, the one who came to give hope in the first place.  Somehow His name heals in the middle of the night, in the middle of our tears and in the middle of our desperation.  His name matters, it changes everything.  When all along you have been looking for Him, and when you finally call on Him, you will know what it means to live with hope.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. – Proverbs 13:12

Don’t Waste Your Sorrows




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