Acknowledge our guilt

When people start complaining more about their sin in their life as opposed to what ails them, there is the beginning of hope for them, for they will start to seek God.  As they seek God in earnest and with sincerity, they will find Him and He will be a refuge.  With God, there is redemption for everyone who calls on His name – these is peace only where God is.

Hosea tries to lay that out for us in verse fifteen of chapter five reminding us of the hope made available for us but it is conditional. There has to be an acknowledging of guilt and there has to be a seeking of God.

Even in the very middle of a promise of impending judgment there is a note of hope. The hope of mercy for those who will turn from their “idols” to the Lord. It is the same God who made the promise of judgment as the one who offers hope through His mercy and grace.  There is a cost for this all and Jesus Himself would offer Himself in our place to be judged for our sin.

I will return again to my place
    until they acknowledge their guilt and seek my face.
    In their distress they will beg my favor – Hosea 5:15