Prophet of the Lord

Jehoshaphat is with Ahab and they are determining whether to go to war with Aram. The prophets of Baal has decided that this is the right course of action and it will end in success.  Jehoshaphat wants to know if there is a prophet of the Lord that could inquire from God whether or not to go to war.

If one is hoping for the truth, the Lord will provide it.  If one is looking for understanding, the Lord will provide it.  If one is looking for clarity, the Lord will provide it.  The word of the Lord is hope because it is living, true and crystal clear.

Poor Micaiah, he delivers such a message and is detained in prison as a result.  All the prophets of God in these days seem to meet that same fate of being put into a position of no value even though they are speaking about true hope.  Ezekiel and Jeremiah would face the same in the next generation of prophets.

Somewhere around 600 B.C. Jeremiah would be dealing with those in Jerusalem while Ezekiel, having already been deported, was in Babylonia.

Ezekiel was already being called by the Lord to give hope to the captives souls.  Even though he had prophesied the fall of Jerusalem and when the news hit the exiles they realized  the reality of those words – Ezekiel was called to cast a beam of light on another part of their future known only to God – they were messages of hope.

 God used the metaphor of Himself being a compassionate shepherd looking after the wandering individual as well as His scattered people.  Interesting that this was a backdrop for the references Jesus made to Israel as lost sheep and to Himself as the Good Shepherd. These were the messages of hope Ezekiel gave. 

O hope of Israel! O Lord!
    All who forsake you shall be put to shame;
those who turn away from you[a] shall be recorded in the underworld,[b]
    for they have forsaken the fountain of living water, the Lord. – Jeremiah 17:13

Jeremiah says it even more clearly.

In English a “Jeremiah” is a person given to woeful complaining but, in fact, for all the denunciations of his people, Jeremiah sounds a note of encouragement and of hope. 

If you are looking for direction, an honest assessment of right and wrong, clear direction and instruction, put your hope in the Word of the Lord.  It will always direct your path and fill you with hope.

But Jehoshaphat said, “Is there no other prophet of the Lord here of whom we may inquire?” – 1 Kings 22:7

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