The name of the Lord

When you think you have done everything you can, understand that God loves to rescue those who think they have no hope, you are called to run to Him, His name, for it is a safe place, a place set where no harm can even come near.

This word is to the sinner who has not yet found peace. Do not you see, man, the Christian is not saved by what he is, but by what his God is, and this is the groundwork of our comfort—that God is perfect, not that we are perfect. When I preached last Thursday night about the snuffers of the temple and the golden snuffer trays, and the necessity there was for the lamps in the sanctuary to be trimmed, one foolish woman said, “Ah, you see, according to the minister’s own confession these Christians are as bad as the rest of us, they have many faults; oh!” said she, “I dare say I shall be as well off at the last as they will.” Poor soul! she did not see that the Christian’s hope does not lie in what he is, but in what Christ is; our trust is not in what we suffer, but in what Jesus suffered; not in what we do, but in what He has done. It is not our name I say again that is a strong tower to us, it is not even our prayer, it is not our good works; it is the name, the promise, the truth, the work, the finished righteousness of our God in Christ Jesus. Here the believer finds his defense and nowhere besides. Run sinner, run, for the castle gate is free to all who seek a shelter, be they who they may. – Charles Spurgeon

No doubt – there is an ultimate authority, a true constant, a rock beneath the quicksand, a protector and an absolute truth – His name is Jesus.  In His name there is safety, rest, peace, and any attempt to find hope elsewhere will ultimately bring you back to Him for Jesus name is the surest hope for safety.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe. – Proverbs 18:10

The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower