May the Lord do what seems good to Him

We may hope in God’s blessing. Unfortunately, not all people find their hope and trust in God and in His salvation. 

The Bethlehem Baptist Church Elder Affirmation of Faith has this paragraph that describes the sovereignty of God —

“We believe that God upholds and governs all things—from galaxies to subatomic particles, from the forces of nature to the movements of nations, and from the public plans of politicians to the secret acts of solitary persons—all in accord with His eternal, all-wise purposes to glorify Himself, yet in such a way that He never sins, nor ever condemns a person unjustly; but that His ordaining and governing all things is compatible with the moral accountability of all persons created in His image.”

It is this kind of boldness and hope in the face of defeat that depends on this kind of stance when it comes to who God is and how He moves and that is why Joab’s simple expression when surrounded by such a vase army on both sides was so priceless.

When you are in moments where you know you cannot win – hoping to achieve but unable to do so because you are taking shortcuts like looking for peace but unwilling to surrender, looking for joy but not wanting to obey, looking for a closer walk with God while pushing Him away – surrendering to Him is far sweeter than going it alone without Him.

I love that God revealed to us stories like this one involving Joab in His written word and by delivering it to us, guaranteeing it – without His word we would be without hope. 

Be strong, and let us be courageous for the sake of our people, and for the cities of our God; and may the Lord do what seems good to him.” – 2 Samuel 10:12

Mercy Me – Even If